Do You Remember Seeing “”?


Marketing Singapore, Car Bumper Sticker Advertising, Printing, Online Marketing, Online AdvertisingLike it or not, anytime you are on the road, you see Bumper Sticker Advertisements everywhere.

People see it. People remember it.

That’s why many people we surveyed remember seeing the bumper sticker ““. Good job, Kokusai!

More businesses are advertising on vehicles nowadays. You could find them on buses, vans, lorries, trucks, taxis, and even private cars.

It’s gaining popularity for a very simple reason: It’s effective – maximum exposure for branding or for sales.

More and more private car owners do not mind putting some simple ads on their personal vehicle as long as it’s ‘not too much’.

Bumper Sticker Ads suit this group of car owners perfectly.

With a small budget every month, you could find someone willing to drive around showing your business. Since the space on a bumper is rather limited, a business website address is what most commonly shown on the bumper.

Contact us today to let us help you find some car owners who does not mind to make a small amount of side-income (to pay for their petrol or season parking, maybe) by driving around with your business advertisement.

These are some of our bumper stickers on the road:

Accountant Singapore Bumper Advertising   Tuition Singapore Bumper Advertising

Service Singapore Bumper Advertising   Product Singapore Bumper Advertising



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