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Marketing Singapore, Advertising, Printing, eCommerce, Social Media MarketingTechnology advancement has led to the rise of e-commerce as more and more people turn to the internet to exchange goods and services all over the world. This has become easily convenient as all can be done with just a click of the mouse anywhere in the world. Gone are the days where one needs to go down to a retail store just to buy his shirt or food or visit a physical store just to check on the product. Anything can be bought online now as long as the store has an online presence and you have access to the internet. The rise of e-commerce also means that consumers are able to compare prices effortlessly across various retailers to ensure that they are getting a good deal. Furthermore, financial transnational providers such as PayPal has also enhanced their online security and tie in with e-commerce sites to allow consumers to shop with ease of mind. The ease of navigating e-commerce websites has also helped to fuel the phenomenal rise. Take a look at and as they churned in millions and millions of sales with their platform supporting big numbers of sellers and buyers.

There are indeed many industries which have benefited from the rise of e-commerce. For example, the online travel services providers. Such providers may have to pay an initial big sum to create the software to manage the request of customers but it gives them cost savings in the long run. They allow customers to conveniently browse through the packages they offer, book hotel rooms or air tickets at any time of the day. The 24/7 presence of the providers also mean that they are generating sales throughout the day.

E-commerce has also allowed small start-ups to have a chance to grab the world-wide consumer pie. With just an e-commerce site, you can start selling to the world. No need to worry about heavy overhead costs, expensive store rental and staff issues. If your dream store do not work out, you can easily shut it down where the only loss is perhaps your outstanding inventory and the costs of the domain.

E-commerce is definitely here to stay as more and more people get comfortable with the idea of staying at home yet getting everything done online at one’s own convenience. No stress no hassle. No irritating salesman to pressure you to buy stuff. The pressure now lies with the retailers as they are forced to build on their online presence in order to keep up with their internet savvy competitors.