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Talk about Internet Business, with the Internet today, it’s no more unusual to hear a work-at-home-mom (MAHM), or a student, or any individual making a few hundred dollars as an extra income (pocket money). Some even have built a serious business on the Internet to replace their full-time job. If you own a shop/office/warehouse/factory – a.k.a. brick-and-mortar, or pop-and-mom business – you are even leaving MORE money on the table if you have not had your business website set up.  

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INTERNET BUSINESSInternet Business” does not only mean

  • setting up an Internet (Online) Business literally.

Internet Business” also means

  • getting your existing brick-and-mortar business on the Internet (online).


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O2O? Do you know what it means? It means both: “ONLINE to OFFLINE” or “OFFLINE to ONLINE” Look around you, there are more brick-and-mortar (also pop-and-mom) shops start to realise that they CANNOT survive without bringing in more customers from the Internet. And therefore, they have to go online.  They set up websites. That is OFFLINE to ONLINE. At the same time, many online shops that were used to making big profits purely from their eCommerce websites are now feeling the pressure from their customers (also from competitors). Their customers want to look and feel the products before they make their buying decision. You can’t blame them. Some online shops are already setting up ‘REAL’ shops in Orchard shopping area. That is ONLINE to OFFLINE.

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