Is It True That Flyer (Leaflet) Advertising Is Dead?


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This Is NOT Another Flyer Distribution Service!

Yes, we heard you. There are TOO MANY similar services available today.

Distribution of flyers is surely the most affordable type of marketing method to try to get your product or service noticed. You could grab your potential customers’ attention now and then.

From artwork design to printing to distribution, everyone can claim that they are ‘the cheapest’.


But are they the MOST EFFECTIVE?
You guessed it.

We Are Different!

We Make Our Flyers STICKY!


‘Stickiness’ is a marketing term that is commonly neglected by most marketing or advertising campaigns.

What is ‘Stickiness’?

Simply put, our flyers will not only reach the letter box (most other providers can do that, too), it will ‘stick’ with the person who opens the letter box to his house or office. And keep it FOR FUTURE NEEDS!

Not only that. Look at our unique, one-of-a-kind services we can provide you:

  • Our flyer is of A4 size (we think any size smaller is not good enough)
  • We use high quality, full colour, 157gsm art paper
  • We provide FREE eye-catching professional artwork design
  • Distribution of flyers via SingPost (AdMail) (This almost guarantees none of your flyers go to waste)
  • Each time our distribution size is minimum 50,000 copies
  • We distribute to Condo, Landed Properties, Corporate and HDB
  • You will be given ONE FULL PAGE exclusively for your business on our websites
  • No similar trades will appear in each issue


Be wise. Invest in our flyer advertising services to reach out to the right people to achieve whatever goals you’ve set.

Simply contact us for a non-obligatory quote on how you can engage our flyer distribution services!



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Online + Offline
Every time. Everywhere.


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