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These are our upcoming marketing campaigns to be launched very soon:

Magnet Advertising

We are launching our Magnet Advertising campaigns in BUKIT TIMAH, KATONG and PUNGGOL/SENGKANG residential areas.

If you want to be THE ONLY business in your TRADE to be featured and stuck on every house’s fridge, please contact us here.


Flyer Advertising

Our next issue of flyer are targeted at Corporate / Commercial setups in Central Business District.

If you want to be THE ONLY business in your TRADE to be featured in this flyer, please contact us here.


Bumper (Sticker) Advertising

If you need to advertise your business with bumper ads, just call us. We will help you find those private-hiring drivers who clock average 8,000 to 12,000 km mileage per month. High mileage, high exposure!


Get Your Business NOTICED and REMEMBERED
Online + Offline
Every time. Everywhere.


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Uniquely Yours

All Our Business Partners and Customers
Are Featured in Either or Both of Our Flagship Sites |


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are looking for PRODUCTS or SERVICES!


Once you become our customer or our business partner, we will feature your product/service on the above websites.


We Give Your Business
Multiple + Maximum Exposure


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