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Marketing Singapore, Advertising, Printing, Online Marketing, Online AdvertisingBig companies and established brands are everywhere. It doesn’t mean if you’re a small business owner you will not succeed. You need a clever marketing plan.

1. Social Media It’s free to have a FaceBook account. Of course, there are many more social media platforms available today. These socialising communities not only allow you to build a loyal followers base, but they surely help in your branding. Creatively, for those with no advertising budget, buying ad space on social media is one way to generate sales. Join all the major social networks online to connect with as many people as you possibly can.

2. Find Your Customers There are paid and free advertising. Both are capable of enticing people to visit your website. People have short attention span. Clear and to the point ads are essential. Build a list of your current and potential customers. Make frequent emails to reach to them with friendly and memorable promotions.

3. Give Customers Reasons To Come Back Again In any business, repeat customers is important. Build relationships through periodical customer service so customer will find you reliable.

4. You Need A Nice Website O2O stands for Online to Offline, or Offline to Online. Whichever way you see it, your business needs to be online. More IT savvy consumers are searching their needs with their mobile gadget in hand. Your site should be one that is mobile-friendly and engaging to them. Build a friendly, informative and responsive website to keep visitors coming back to your site.

5. Never Forget Traditional Ways of Marketing An advertisement on local newspapers can give you good exposure. How about notice boards at the local supermarkets or bus stops/MRT stations? As a small business, these are some ways that are affordable to get yourself known. Running a small business is challenging, but with hard work and a great marketing plan, you will succeed.