O2O = Online to Offline, Offline to Online


Remember those days when blogshops were doing so well. The thought they did not need any brick-and-mortar shop.

They need now. That is ‘Online to Offline‘.

At the same time, more and more businesses that operate out of shops, offices, factories, etc., have realised they need a website! Be it a ‘name-card-style’ website or a eCommerce online shop. That is ‘Offline to Online‘.

That is what happened nowadays. Should you GO ONLINE? Should you GO OFFLINE.


You need to claim your presence in BOTH the ONLINE and OFFLINE world.

OFFLINE doesn’t mean just having a shop. We are talking about OFFLINE marketing/advertising.

With so many ‘online hype’, businesses are rushing (spending money, time and effort) to squeeze in the online advertising space. Some work. Most not.

The ONLINE platforms are so congested now.


Take The Road Less Travelled.
OFFLINE advertising is not dead.


Ask around and we are sure less then 5 in 100 are able to tell you who ‘Kokusai’ is. But if you change the question to “Do you remember the catchy website name CatchCheatingSpouse.sg?” 9 out of 10 will tell you they remember seeing that bumper ad.

That is the power of OFFLINE MARKETING.


Our recommendation?

DO BOTH! The ONLINE and the OFFLINE advertising / marketing. You need to be NOTICED and REMEMBERED in both the online world as well as the traditional advertising channels.

It works.

Get Your Business NOTICED and REMEMBERED
Online + Offline
Every time. Everywhere.


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