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  • Are You Tired of Watching Your Competitors Take Your Share of the Local Market?
  • Are Advertising Costs Draining Your Budget with Nothing to Show For It?
  • Are You Feeling a Little Disconnected From Local Customers?
  • Are You Having Trouble Getting Your Phone to Ring?
  • Is Your Business Suffering From a Lack of Customers?
  • Do You Need More Foot Traffic Coming Through Your Doors?


Local Marketing

In all these years of providing advice and training to our customers or students (we train businesses to create their websites), we realised 9 out of 10 of them are doing LOCAL BUSINESS, we therefore decided to place more emphasis on helping LOCAL BUSINESSES to MARKET their products or services LOCALLY – i.e. in Singapore.


Yes! In Singapore.
are just next to you or in your neighbourhood.


Where on earth can you find a place where close to 6 millions people living on an island of approximately 700 square kiometres? Never forget we are a developed country, and that means your customers have the buying power!


May We Help?


If you are a LOCAL BUSINESS, we can help you.

We specialise in getting local businesses to the next level – faster, easier and cheaper.


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Marketing Singapore, Advertising Singapore

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Our main cores of business evolve around

  • Magnet (Fridge Magnet) Advertising

    Every household or workplace has a refrigerator. And almost everyone in that premises uses the fridge everyday. Just don’t question why people stick magnet on their fridge. Just imagine your advertisement is on the magnet that is stuck on the fridge. All year round you are EXPOSED. They may not need your product or service right now. But when they need it, they will remember you. That’s how powerful Magnet Advertising can be. Magnet advertising can cost you a bomb, but we have made it very affordable for most SMEs.
  • Flyer (Leaflet) Advertising

    Flyers everywhere. Too many. Too similar. If you don’t need a property agent’s service, why do you bother to keep the flyer? Very rarely you will call a plumber number from the flyer after clearing your letter box. That’s why we make our flyer ‘sticky’ – people will want to take a closer look at our flyer or even keep it for ‘just in case’. It can become handy sometimes. Furthermore, it’s getting harder now to effectively slot your flyer into letter box. We are using SingPost to be able to reach every household in the neighbourhood we target at.
  • Bumper (Sticker) Advertising

    You can laugh at bumper advertising. You may think it’s outdated. Ask yourself honestly how often you are ‘forced’ to stare at a marketing message when you are waiting for the green light? In our own research, many people we interviewed remember the bumper sticker “CatchCheatingSpouse.sg”. Consider it is not very expensive, just one car travelling on road with your Bumper Ad can create tremendous ‘see and not forget’ effect. That is EXPOSURE!
  • Website Rental

    Renting out of websites with keyword targeted domain names, of which we also offer a wholesome branding exposure with our online and offline advertising to further promote any business that you are currently having. We know the benefits of having easy to remember yet impactful domain names. Customers find it easy to remember your business by looking at the unique domains. We also include Google & Yahoo pay-per-click advertising as well as offline branding such as car bumper ads and Straits Times classifieds to push maximum traffic to your business.
  • Fully Customised Website

    We provide fully customized website for businesses who want to increase their online exposure. We know what are the dos and don’ts to attract customers online. We are very dedicated to help businesses grow big so we are setting the price to an affordable level as a way to allow all businesses to start online easily. We are also keeping the monthly maintenance fees low. Take a look at some of such projects we undertook at Rack Singapore, Storage Rack, Feng Shui Consultant, Contact us NOW for a full customized website! |for the society.
  • Free Website

    Helping new start-up business owners who have low budget and yet looking at creating awareness of their business online. We provide a 5 page simple website for them to kickstart their new business. The cost? FREE! We, at MarketingSingapore.com, believe in giving back to society, hence we want to do our part to help such aspiring businesses in the hope that these businesses will grow big and create more jobs for the society. (Take a further look at www.freewebsitesingapore.com)
  • Website Creation Coaching

    Conducting WordPress workshops for SMEs or any budding entrepreneurs who want to bring their business to another level. Instead of spending tons of dollars engaging a website designer, one can now set up a user-friendly, low cost yet highly functional website to promote your business. We will be sharing valuable and effective marketing tips during the course, too!