Stick Your Brand on Every Fridge (Refrigerator)

Magnet Advertising, Fridge Magnet AdvertisingFridge magnets, as they are commonly called,  are a favorite and fantastic way to promote your business or your services because the practical function of our promotional magnets makes an inexpensive long term and powerful marketing tool.

Take a look at any home refrigerator or a steel cabinet in a work place, and you will see refrigerator magnets and of course, Promotional Magnets. What better way for your business to be seen by your potential customers every day? Custom printed magnets can be used as advertising to promote your business. As event calendars, or just as cool gifts for customers that will keep you on their minds every day. Fridge magnets are a great way to introduce a new product or get your message into homes and businesses.

Put your ideas on magnets – immediately they are like your namecards – for creative promotional advertising and to stick it on refrigerator for years to come. Your magnets will stay on your customers’ fridge long after your competitor’s business cards have been thrown away so make your message a memorable one.

Why magnet advertising is better than newspapers (and other) classified ads or even flyers?

Newspapers get discarded each day. How often do people open and check on the Yellow pages as compared to how many times do you open your refrigerator?

Do you keep flyers you found in your mail box?

For more information about our magnet advertising, simply contact us to explore the options available for the most cost effective sales aid that money can buy.


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